Pain Worsens with Activity

Back Pain Continues to Worsen With Activities

Many times you will experience pain because of using muscles in the back more often. However, sometimes this pain will not go away and may even continue to worsen over time. In this case, it is best to speak to a doctor about your treatment options.

  • Arthritis
  • Back Injuries
  • Herniated Disc

In many cases, lower back pain stops on its own. If you continue to experience pain that lasts four weeks or longer, the pain keeps getting worse over time or experiencing symptoms such as fever, weight loss, or weakness in extremities, please seek medical guidance. However, if it doesn’t, then please speak to the professionals at My Spine Relief.

Prevention is key for those that experience prolonged chronic back pain. Speaking with a qualified physician at My Spine Relief is the first step in creating a treatment plan that will alleviate prolonged back pain.

At My Spine Relief, We have doctors who provide treatments for many spine and pain conditions and can help you find the right doctor to provide you with freedom from unwanted painful lower back pain. On your first office visit our office will establish a foundation for treating your condition. We will obtain important information like medical history and allow you to get to know your doctor. Your comfort is of utmost importance because we do not just see your condition, but we see you.

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